Albeit nature’s evolutionary decline, the man needs relentless practice of self-improvement to defy it.

Order, as trail of consciousness,

which gets easily erased, requires maintaining.

To do so as enduring as one possibly could, it should be guaranteed to grow as freely as it would.

Being of Everything

Everything is characteristic of itself, independent of thoughts or feelings from men.

The Phenomenon of Recursion

Inclusion, as the vital connection among all, differentiates the above and the below.

Cross-level Dependence

The superior has an immediate effect on the inferior, with downward compulsion and upward dependence, just as the hierarchy of a tree, where a leave’s life relies on its branch, a branch survives on its trunk, and a trunk lives on its root. The amount of energy of each level varies, and besides that, both its affected scopes and risks of change multiply when it gets higher, and vice versa.

Peer Rivalry

One peer has a secondary effect on another. All relations within the same level serves for the superior, either they are of complementation versus opposition or competition versus cooperation. Those who reach the upper requirements survive.

Inner Complexity

Among all levels, there is no fundamental distinctions in complexity, which is irrelevant to its outward representation or appearance.

The inclusive relation extends on and on, thus rendering a spectrum of sophisticated echelons, with an endlessly expandable external and an always separable internal.

The Principle of Duality

Opposite properties or inclinations coexist in every single individual.

Opposition and Complementation

Whether properties or development, those of an individual come in pairs, which alternate between opposition and complementation, offsetting against one another.

Domination of One

Chaos, the enemy of development, emerges from a matched opposition. With the aim of lessening the energy costs to maintain, there has to be a winner dominate. It is inevitable that one domination takes control.

As the result from utmost rivalry, domination obtains overwhelming force and have a decisive influence on the development.

Alternation between Two

The requirements for the inferior change once the superior alters. The one who fits the modified requirements has a greater chance and naturally is able to further exploit that to dominate.

The Rule of Periodicity

History repeats, in accordance with natural routine.

Trend in Development

The winner fortifies and establishes a more beneficial circumstances that its inferior will actively reinforce in its favour. The trend get enhanced in the process of this energy cumulation.

Inertia in Trend

Everything heads for what is with the minimal resistance, the one that follows the trend, with utmost good. It fits the law of causality.

Risk in Inertia

It requires energy to maintain the trend. The trend shifts when the accumulated energy fails to sustain the minimal speed, the opposite one starting to take over. These evenly dominated trends constitute cycles of competition.

To overcorrect is inevitable. There is no fundamental difference between rejection of the dominant trend and selection of the disadvantaged. Withstand the resistance as it may, it still goes against the nature. The shift in trend indicates the variation in circumstances, where whoever adapts lives.

Change of Everything

We observe the changing rules to mobilise everything.

Longitudinal Cumulation

Modifications from the above snowball downwards along the echelons, resulting in greater chaos, fiercer circumstances and yet more opportunities.

Lateral Trade-off

The key is to upset the balance of development, which means to strengthen its advantages and circumvent the weaknesses, whilst depreciate its rival’s merits and magnify the deficiencies. Consolidate the favoured, and worsen rival’s inadequate, for the power prevails.

Gateway Reversal

Competition does not occur across levels but within one, where the winner leaps up and the defeated falls down, either reentering a new trade-off game.

Circle of Life

We shall finally say our farewells to one another.

But why should we even exist in the first place?

We pave the way, bequeath our wishes, for later generations to succeed.

The livings, live, in the circle of life.

Oct. 10th, 2021